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At Euro Design Engineering, we’re committed to reducing your costs and improving the efficiency of your plastic components and assemblies through exact designs .

Our determination to provide innovative solutions to design problems is the key to our competitiveness.

  • Create Intellectual Property
  • Design For Manufacturing
  • Layout Verification
  • Mold Flow And Finite Element Analysis
  • Performance Testing/Simulation

We have a team of design engineers who are flexible and qualified in working to our clients quality standards.Our drafting technicians are ready to handle any kind of conversions you might need. We can help you convert 2D drawings to 3D, and to digitize hand-drawn work. Update your technical drawings for better clarity and precision. Improve your record keeping by converting hard copies to easily managed and replicable digital files.  We can help you convert any original drafting document into a precise and accurate multi-layered CAD drawing, or convert from one CAD format to another. We offer vectorization and blueprint conversion — whatever you need to improve your productivity.


Examples of modular fixturing solutions designed by Euro Design Engineering:

  • multi station assembly process to fabricate the structural frame of an automobile body.
  • principal locating points are the points at which the car panels are to be located onto fixture.
  • welding fixture
  • locator unit consists mainly of locating pin,pin retainer,L block,Spacers and / or shims ,Riser, Riser spacer.
  • minimum two locators units are provided to locate the car parts properly onto the fixture.


Modular fixture design:

Rough locators-elements

Robot welding station includes a robot,robot controler, welding equipment with relevant sensors ,and clamping devices-fixture

Cell design and layout design