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Euro Design Engineering, provide services for needs and the demands of checking fixtures production for domestic and foreign customers.

Euro Design Engineering holds priority of quality, to go beyond customer satisfaction with automotive experience and qualified technical team.

Checking Fixture
For serial part producers such as plastic/sheet metals, the most important ıssue for quality is  verification of the product. Especially in Automotive Industry, parts are complicated and it is not possible to  verify by precision measurement tools like caliper or micrometers. So an equipment is needed. Checking fixtures are produced for verification the accuricy of complex part.

Also For SPC, in automotive, multiple measurement must be performed via the points that are set in control plans. For this purpose, checking fixtures are used in automotive. These kind of checking fixtures contains structures for dial indicators at SPC points. So,  it is also possible to perform SPC activity without  CMM.



The production of an new vehicle takes hundreds of suppliers working together creating the best new part that is assembled into a complete automobile.  Only the best parts can be accepted and check fixtures are used in manufacturing facilities to confirm that only the best products are produced and shipped to client.

EDE develop plastic parts and test fixtures so we are very excited to be part of the program.  Our quality department lead the program in a close partnership with our clients.
Designing check fixtures to confirm plastic part quality is all about understanding the functional requirements for the parts and turning that into inspection points that ensure the good parts made.

Rapid Prototyping Is Driving Automotive Automation

  • Design Concept
  • Numerical Control Programming
  • 3D Printing
  • CNC machining 3 axes / 5 axes

Developing a car involves manufacturing prototypes to check the design at different development stages. From the concept design up to the functional one, prototyping plays a large role in creating every component of the car.

Prototyping auto parts and assemblies enables design validation, which is important since car safety affects human safety. Apart from that, prototyping can help determine whether the material is the best possible or whether the manufacturing process is efficient.

Automotive Prototyping Technology -Process

Car prototyping technology permeates every design and development stage. Multiple reruns, remanufacturing and redesigns are inevitable during the process. The typical parts that are used for rapid prototyping are the following: dashboards, consoles, door panels and pillars to exterior components such as bumper, grilles, headlights and taillights lighting prototypes.

Functional prototyping of automotive parts means that the resulting prototype must be made of the same material and match the product in every possible way. After the prototype is complete, its main properties are tested and its performance is assessed. In general, the functional prototype is used for the following purposes:

  •  Testing the manufacturing technology to find production faults and bottlenecks.
  • Checking the technical requirements of the design, whether everything fits correctly.
  • Verifying the overall design in regards to measurements, precision, and design errors.