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Change is everywhere ,that`s given .Fancy slogans like there`s more stable than change flash across bulletin boards and social media.But how relevant are they to the automotive industry ? It turns out they are very relevant.

Let`s look at the problem of cities ,at the moment 55% of the world populations is concentred in cities ,and this number expected to grow to 60% in a few years .So,increases in congestion and emission are a given if we continue as we do in present.Where does this leave in all sectors ?In a position where innovation will be the main goal.

AlI is transforming our relationship with energy – from how and when we consume electricity to how we produce, store and trade it. The effect will be a more efficient, secure and safe energy system.


Artificial intelligence could be the most transformative technology conceived by humans. The car revolutionized the way we travel, the phone changed how we communicate and the Internet reshaped how we share
information, but artificial intelligence could redefine how we relate to machines altogether.

As machines get smarter they’re breaking out of their traditional role as productivity tools and taking on more complex decision-making tasks.